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We were leaving the house on Saturday afternoon to go to a Kiss Concert and a carton had been just been delivered to our doorstep.  I just assumed it was something for our printing business and we set it inside and went on our way.  The next day I was sorting through mail and opened the package.  I was pleasantly surprised with an Energy Conservation Kit from First Energy.

Then I recalled that when I was online paying our bill last month, I had participated in a Home Energy Analyzer program.  All I had to do was gather up my last electric bill and sit down at the computer to answer a series of questions.    It didn’t take all that long, about 2o minutes.   I logged off and went on my way and totally forgot about getting a Free Energy Conservation Kit.

What First Energy sends you is a great little package that includes 2 smart surge protectors, 4 energy-efficient light bulbs and 2 LED night lights and 4 faucet aerators for kitchen or bathroom.  The smart surge protectors are fantastic.  They are designed to monitor the use of power and adjust the flow and protect devices from power surges.  Penelec states that experts say that smart surge protectors can save you 5 to 10 percent of your total household energy consumption!  The LED night lights have a lifetime guarantee and state that they cost less than 25 cents per year to use.  They are also installed with a sensor so they go on at dark and off in the daylight.  What can I say about the energy-efficient lightbulbs, they last for up to 7 years and it is estimated to offer a savings of $46 a year!  Faucet aerators reduce the flow of water by mixing it with air and creating little streams of water.  This can equate to a savings of 280 gallons of water use a month!

Energy Conservation Kit

I logged on to pay this month’s bill I noticed a link that led me to an area that was created about our energy use based on our electric consumption.  Very informative, I was impressed!  Not only did it show me how we were using our energy, it gave comparisons to houses similar to ours, suggestions to lower our bill and so much more!

Electric Consumption Chart

First Energy’s  website is loaded with information that can be of great assistance.   If you have never visited their website, now is a good time to do so.     If you’re a Pennslvania First Energy customer(Penelec, Met-Ed and Penn Power) complete the analyzer and receive your Free Energy Conservation Kit!

Also you can log onto www.energysavePA.com for more energy efficiency programs.  Or call 1-800-205-5174.

Met Ed:  1-800-545-7741  Penelec: 1-800-545-7741  Penn Power:  1-800-720-3600


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